Here are my original games, experiments and apps in Flash -- all code and artwork 100% my own. Most of it is silly stuff from years ago, but Negative Space is a new, full-featured game release with thousands of players, ad revenue and a pretty reception.

Navigate gravity, anti-gravity, explosive impulses and interstellar weirdness in Negative Space.

You'll have to fight your way back to Earth through 18 levels of elegant physics and art inspired by the golden age of sci-fi in the '40s, '50s and '60s.

The dense-mass anomaly drags you off-course with the gravity of several suns. The (re)pulsar tosses you back in a mess of scattered particles. The Geodesic Safety Tether always seems to yank you back at the wrong time. Yet sometimes it'll be the only thing saving you from a massive impulse flinging you out into the Void.


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Try your hand at intelligent design with Panthalassa, an evolution simulation.

Play with randomly generated critters or stock the pond with creatures of your own design. They will hunt and scrounge for food, fight and flee, and, if they can prosper, produce more of themselves, endless generations of evolution playing out in a virtual petri-dish.

I made this prototype after a visit to the National Museum of Natural History. I never decided how I could turn it into a proper game, and it remains very unfinished.


Play the (buggy) prototype of Panthalassa!

Made quickly and as a joke shortly after I started experimenting in games, No Babies! is an arcade-style shooter. You pilot an unfertilized egg and shoot down incoming sperm with V2 rockets. The gameplay takes after classics Missile Command and Geometry Wars.

I would consider the game to be clean and inoffensive, even if it does take place inside a woman's va-jay-jay. It's biology 101, basically, with some early missile technology thrown in. But you've been warned.

More distressing is the shallow gameplay. I consider this a failed game and a lark, but stand by the art style. Some of that post-war feel would make it into Negative Space.


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A surprisingly unembarassing beginner's Flash project, this app displays an early portfolio of my photography.

It handsomely presents a few dozen images with captions and easy navigation. And the photos are my best stuff as of 2008.

Check it out, if only for that amazing cherry blossom petals effect I use in the menu.


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I submitted this random sentence generator as part of a graduate school workshop on game development. It got a low grade for not having any recognizable elements of a game -- no winning or losing, no scoring, no objective. But it does do a great job at simulating English speakers.

All clauses in English follow one of ten basic grammatical patterns. I found seven of these easy to model in code, so this random sentence generator is capable of saying an incredible number of original thoughts (more than the simple "random subject plus random predicate" formula of most of these kind of apps).

I chose to fill the word banks with political jargon. Come up with winning slogans in campaign trail mode or string together a plausible CNN segment in debate mode. See if you can make more sense than a typical politician.


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